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D&AD New Blood Academy 2022



D&AD New Blood


+ Product & Service Innovations

+ Advertising

+ Open Brief

As part of the New Blood Academy 2022, adidas challenged us to create a service, brand experience, campaign, digital or social experience or product that focused on removing the mental or physical barriers that prevent girls from getting onto, or staying on, the fields, courts and pitches. Not all athletes are born equal. adidas has found that over 25% of girls stop playing sport between the ages of 14-17. As part of a team, we worked to create a service that would particularly challenge this issue in the city of Tokyo, Japan where sport is often used as a means of transmission of societal values. 

This project was completed across a 19 hour time difference in just 5 days with Marcus Cheong (Designer, AUS), Des Allen (Strategist, USA), Marta Falcón (Copywriter, ESP) and Chengjiazi Chen (Designer, GBR).

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