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D&AD New Blood 2022: Data Donation by giffgaff



+ OOH Campaign

+ Motion Graphics

+ Creative


Your plan gives you 10GB of data a month, but you only use 7GB. So what happens to the remaining 3GB? Giffgaff wants you to donate your unused data to help those 1.5 million living in data poverty in the UK. By donating your leftover data at the end of each month or just one time via our OOH campaign, you can help millions across the UK access essential services as we spend more of our time online. Our OOH campaign lets the public experience for themselves the frustration of being excluded from the online world and allows them to read first-hand accounts of those living within data poverty. The campaign also allows for people to take collective action to benefit those in need there and then by donating via the QR instantly.

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